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Our next stop was Bahia de Caraquez which the guidebook described as an “Eco City” full of organic gardens and tricycles or eco taxis. We planned to have a short stop here before heading on to Canoa, one of the best beaches in Ecuador. Our first impressions of Bahia were not that great, we got a tricycle to take us down to the waterfront and we walked along until we found a hotel, there weren't many to choose from. It was Sunday so there was a slightly sedate atmosphere with almost all of the shops being closed. Our hotel was a bit rough around the edges but it seemed ok for a night, or so we thought. After settling in we walked back down to the water which is where all the people were hiding, enjoying the Sunday sun and splashing about in the water. One side of the city sits on an estuary and the other faces out on to the Pacific. We had another Ceviche and then a popsicle before heading back to the room for a while.

It was while we were sitting in our room that we began to notice the cricket noises which were resonating around us. I found it a bit disconcerting but Adam seemed to think they were in other rooms and there wasn't much to worry about. So this is what I did and soon enough it was time to go out and get some dinner. We found a lovely little shrimp restaurant, which was fitting as this area is one of the main produces of shrimp in the whole of Ecuador and the setting sun was burning, bright red in the sky as we munched them down. After dinner we walked slowly back along the waterfront again and then stopped in at the supermarket to pick up the usual water supply, it'll be nice when we can drink directly from the tap again. Back in the room we got ready for bed and were sleepily watching tv when something shot, erratically across the room. A cricket. I then spotted two more on the curtain which Adam had already noticed but hadn't mentioned because he didn't want to alarm me. However it was now too late and began to have a bit of a panic. I knew there was very little chance I would be able to sleep knowing there were at least three crickets loose in the room. Adam managed to catch the visible ones in a tub and throw them out the window which relaxed me quite a bit and we attempted to sleep. We were in separate beds and as I lay in mine I could hear another cricket rubbing it's damn legs together, it sounded like it was coming from behind Adam's bed, so I took my torch and went to investigate. Sure enough there was a hole in the wall and I could see another 3 crickets huddled in there. Unfortunately I woke Adam up while cricket hunting and he wasn't too pleased. Luckily there was another bed for him to move to so he wouldn't have to sleep with the insects. To put my mind completely to rest we stuck the plastic tub over the hole with duct tape and with the chirping muffled we went to sleep.

In the morning we were up early and firstly we removed the tub, we were leaving so I didn't care if the crickets ran rampant once more. Once out of the hotel we quickly jumped on a car ferry which goes over the estuary, it is free for pedestrians. While on the boat a guy asked us where we were going and when we said Canoa he told us where we had to go to catch the bus which was nice of him. It was only a thirty minute ride to this seaside village and we were quite pleased when we arrived. Although it is probably the most backpacker orientated beach we visited in Ecuador it is definitely one of the best. It is a popular spot for surfers which draws in the westerners but generally the atmosphere is pretty laid back. We ended up staying a little back from the sea because the hotels right at the front were a bit too pricey. Our room was nice though and the hotel was pretty quiet which is what we like.

I have to say that we didn't do a whole lot while we were in Canoa apart from eat, sleep and sit on the beach a bit. Our hotel was owned by a nice guy called Napoleon who had lived in Queens, NY for about four years so his English was very good. He ran a little off license from the hotel which was open at night and we purchased a small bottle of rum from him on the first night. On the second night we were enjoying a nice meal, I was sampling a local dish called Encocado de Cameron which is shrimps cooked in a coconut sauce, when an English couple with strong south London accents turned up. There was no one about to serve them straight away, just some kids watching tv and the waiting seemed to annoy them. Finally one of the children looked up and they asked if there was a set evening meal. The child went off to check and at this point they almost left but she returned just in the knick of time and told them yes so they sat down. Once in her chair the English girl sighed and said, in her strong accent “that was f*cking hard work!” It made us both smile and cringe at the same time.

We spent three days in total in Canao and on the third day Adam hired a body board for a couple of hours and played around in the surf. He kept getting washed further and further down the beach and some times I would completely lose sight of him. I was always happy when I'd see him and the bright blue body board resurface. Apparently it was really hard work and it didn't seem like the ideal conditions to be body boarding or surfing as it was too rough. The next morning it was time to move on once more, we said our goodbyes to Napoleon who couldn't offer too much advice about how we should get to our next destination of Atacames. It would end up being an incredibly long day.

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Laura & Adam

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