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A little tired in Trichy

and our goodbye to India..

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We got to Trichy or to use its full name Tiruchchirapalli very late on and we were both incredibly tired. Still that didn't stop us checking out a number of hotels, although in the end we did run out of steam a little bit and ended up in a fairly run down place. Not that it mattered much, as soon as our heads hit the pillow we were asleep, even the fan which sounded like a jumbo jet taking off couldn't keep us awake.

The next day we resigned ourselves to the fact that we would not spend another night here and set out to find somewhere else to stay. This proved more tricky than you would think. There seemed to be the same problem that we had found in Madurai, the price for a room which we considered to be less than satisfactory was quite high and then the price seemed to jump quite a bit. That's if you could even find a room, a number of the hotels were completely full and when Adam asked one of the hotel workers why this was he told us that this was marriage time. I had noticed that a lot of the hotels have marriage halls and I thought this might be the case, the whole hotel would be taken over for a number of days with all the wedding celebrations.

We had almost given up when we decided to try one more place, we had actually rejected it early because it looked tatty from the outside. That is why you should never judge a book by its cover! We found a nice clean, airy room and a place where we could relax for our last couple of days in India. We managed to negotiate the price down a little bit and it also included breakfast, so all in all we were happy and pleased to get out of the other place.

The next day we did absolutely zip. Although we have really enjoyed our time in India and we have seen and experienced lots of wonderful things, we are both ready for a change and our motivation has been drained slightly. Also we have both lost interest in the food to some extent which means that we are finding it hard to get excited about eating and have ended up going hungry a few times, therefore our energy levels have been a bit down. Having lazed around for the day we knew we had to get out and have a proper meal, so we walked down to one of the hotels we couldn't afford to stay in and had a meal there. It offered a bit more choice and it was fairly tasty, not up to the standards of Abad Hotel but it offered some much needed nutrition.

We are now up to date with this blog and I apologise for bombarding you with so much in one go but finding a decent place to upload is not always easy. It is a fairly slow and sometimes painful process, especially putting on the photos when the internet is going at snails pace. Today we did manage to get out and see what Trichy has to offer, it has some temples like those we found in Madurai.
I think I liked them a little better though, they had the same brightly coloured stucco-work but when you got inside there was a little more atmosphere and elephant!
It seemed to be in a trance, and kept bobbing its head up and down and shaking the bells around it's neck. People would come up and offer it a coin which it would take with it's trunk and then pass it to a priest. It would then turn back to the person who had given it to him and bless them on the top of their head with the tip of its trunk. Quite magical to see.

We bought a few more mementos from the temple stalls and then headed back to the hotel which is where we are now. We leave India tomorrow at 09:25 and hopefully all things going to plan should arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 15:40. I think I speak for us both when I say that we are really excited. India has been a great country to travel around and it is quite unbelievable when I think about all the things we have seen and done in the last 2 months and 1 week. The highlights for us have been the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Benaulim, Bangalore and Munnar. The downsides I think are just linked to the fact that we are Westerners and we don't exactly fit in. Some people have been incredibly welcoming but others have at times ended up coming across as rude. Which without wanting to sound offensive and only from picking up on what we can from how they are with each other, I think this may just be the Indian way. Whatever the reason it is still a wonderful place, which has provided us with an insight into how a country can exist in a way which is completely different to anything we would experience at home. It is definitely worth a visit.

Next time we post it'll be from Malaysia!

More Soon,

Laura & Adam

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Dear Laura and Adam: good luck for your flight to KL. The blogs have been v interesting. You have it in you to be a travel writer Laura.
Love dad

by chotten

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